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Grunewald Exhibit Banners- Mothers

Grunewald Exhibit Banners- Mothers

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In 1502, German painter Matthias Grünewald witnessed a full solar eclipse, at a time when the eclipse was seen as a forewarning of the apocalypse. He went on to paint the Isenheim altarpiece, a work which depicts the crucifixion in vivid and painful detail, and uses colors never before seen at the time. In 1961, 27 year old Peter Schumann, responding to his memories of viewing the altarpiece as a teenager, created a series of stark, minimalist masonite woodcuts. In January 2024, Peter’s daughter Tamar Schumann unearthed these woodcuts in the depths of a storage room, where they had lain unused and unseen for decades. She and the team at the Bread and Puppet printshop cleaned and printed them. 

Banners are hand printed from Peter Schumann’s masonite cuts and are painted and sewn-by-hand in our print shop, in Glover, Vermont. Banners are made with printing ink on unbleached cotton, unless otherwise stated.

Each banner is made with a sleeve on top for hanging. You can hang the banner indoors or out. Although our banners can endure weather, we recommend bringing them in over winter or during severe weather.

Because each banner is handmade, items may vary slightly from photographs.

Approximate Measurements: 9.5" x 10.5"  

Wash separately in cold water.


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