Our Team

Co-directors: Tamar + Solveig
Tamar + Solveig moved with their family to Glover, Vermont in the seventies and grew up embedded in Bread + Puppet Theater which was started by their parents, Peter + Elka Schumann in the early sixties in the Lower East Side of NYC. After serving on the board of the theater for many years, the sisters took on co-directorship at the end of the summer of 2023. Since they began, the Press has undergone a reorganization to better serve the theater, the press team, and our loving supporters. 


Print Shop Assistant: Polash
Polash is one of the key pillars of the printshop. With an extensive background in the arts he has a keen eye for mixing delightful colors and bringing to life the visions of our co-directors. From cutting fabric, to running printing sessions, mixing paints for volunteers, and all tasks in between, we rely on Polash for so very much. He has been a part of Bread and Puppet Theatre for years and recently transitioned to working at the printshop, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him on our team. 

Fulfillment + Wholesale Accounts + Printshop Asst. : Lydia
Lydia helps out with almost every aspect of Bread and Puppet Press. She helps  when your order goes awry, welcomes you into the printshop for volunteering sessions, and manages wholesale accounts. She is also responsible for the majority of our shipping and fulfillment needs which, depending on the season, can be quite the demanding job! She keeps our products up to date on the website and monitors quantities so everything sold is accurate and in stock. If you are a business hoping to carry Bread + Puppet Press products, you can contact her here

Social Media + Online Store: Libby 
Libby manages all things social. You can find her popping in and out of the printshop where she is often taking photos and videos. She also supports us in printing, sewing, and other miscellaneous shop activities when she's not running our social media needs on the @breadandpuppetpress Instagram account.