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Gaza Genocide Bedsheets

Gaza Genocide Bedsheets

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Peter Schumann responds to Israel's US-funded war on the people of Palestine in a recent series of 55 hastily made paintings combining image and text to convey the horror and outrage of the IDF's campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Schumann calls out the Biden administration's complicity in the ongoing massacre of innocent civilians, as well as the thinly veiled support of "the truth industry" (mainstream media), at the same time implicating the hypocrisy of a western humanist claim to values. The paintings are rendered on bedsheets donated by hospitals and nursing homes, an apt and haunting medium in this case, and the book closes with a short manifesto titled "Bedsheet Truth".

Peter Schumann. Gaza Bedsheet Paintings. Burlington, VT: Fomite Press, 2023. pp; 23.5x19cm; pbk; perfect bound; b&w; digital printed; open edition. ISBN-13: 978-1-937677-19-0

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