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Bread + Puppet Press

Bedsheet Mitigations

Bedsheet Mitigations

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Bread & Puppet was gifted a pile of large bedsheets discarded by a hotel. Peter Schumann painted a bedsheet a day, the images generating puppet shows and insurrection services as they came off the wall. Those paintings were photographed and assembled in this book.

Marc Estrin and Donna Bister of Fomite Press, conceived, edited, and designed the book using a selection of the most recent bedsheet images from various bread and puppet shows. The current world supplied the contents. 

Peter Schumann. Bedsheet Mitigations. Burlington, VT: Fomite Press, 2023. [68]pp; 15x21.5cm; pbk; perfect bound; color; digital printed; open edition. ISBN-13: 978-1-947917-90-3

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